Dota 2: 7.21 patch, new ranked season released

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  The latest update for Dota 2 has been released, including the new 7.21 balance patch, new ranked season, and new additions to Dota Plus.?

  To mark the beginning of the new ranked season, Dota 2 developer Valve Corporation has reset rank medals for all players, thus giving them a chance to recalibrate.

  Valve also updated the rank medals to have seven star tiers instead of five, saying that this will offer “more rank precision and opportunities to advance.”

  Players in each rank tier have also been given access to new emoticons based on their rank as a bonus.

  Players can now see their numerical behavior score in their profiles and conduct summaries as well. According to Valve, this will allow “greater insight into how conduct affects everyone’s enjoyment of the game.”

  The developer has also given Dota Plus subscribers a new set of Seasonal Quests to complete for the new ranked season. The full list can be seen on the new Dota Plus home tab.

  Four exclusive Dota Plus item sets for Monkey King, Medusa, Enchantress, and Centaur have also been added. Check out Dota Cinema’s video below for a preview.

  The 7.21 balance patch is, of course, the main attraction for the new update. Check out the full list of changes here.

  Going by what Valve said in a previous announcement, this will be Dota 2’s last major update until the release of the next hero, Mars, some time between the end of February and early March.